Student Dress Code


No student's appearance, including but not limited to his/her attire, shall be considered proper and acceptable for school if it distracts from, or in any way disrupts, the educational process. The Livingston Parish School Board is responsible for achieving a system wide dress code for appearance and dress among students that will promote the best atmosphere for teaching and learning.


It is the responsibility of each student to use good judgment regarding appearance and attire. Cleanliness shall be a basic consideration. Any complaint concerning a student's dress and appearance shall be addressed by the particular school's administration. The principal of the particular school shall make the final decision as to what is considered proper attire and appearance. In the event that health and medical considerations for a particular student require an exception to the Dress Code, the principal of the particular school shall determine that exception and make his/her faculty and staff aware of the exception.

The following guidelines have been established regarding all student's dress and appearance:

  1. Appropriate footwear must be worn to school (no shower shoes, flip-flops).
  2. Caps, hats, unprescribed glasses are not permitted.
  3. Patches, decorations, slogans, symbols, tags, marks, or advertisements are prohibited(Examples: Beer, cigarettes, drugs, obscene suggestions, sexual connotations, etc.)
  4. No emblems, insignias, or monograms shall appear on any uniform item.
  5. Earring(s) are not allowed for males as wearing apparel. (Ears or other body parts, shirt,pants, etc.)
  6. Male hair length must be of even distribution. The hair may not extend below the plane of the shoulder nor down upon the eyebrow in front, nor down below the earlobes. Hair must be clean, well-groomed and neat at all times. (Lines cut in the hair, shaven hair, "mohawk" cuts, extreme coloring of hair, "tails" or any other hairstyle which interferes with a student's performance or that of his classmates is prohibited.)
  7. Sideburns can extend to the lobe of the ear. Beards are unacceptable. Mustaches neatly trimmed are acceptable.
  8. Female hair must be clean, neat and well-groomed. Extreme coloring and extreme hairstyles are not acceptable. Hair in rollers is not acceptable.
  9. Foundation garments must be worn.
  10. Dress during any period where uniforms are not required, such as special event days, or for transferring students, shall be consistent with the intent and spirit of the School Uniform Dress Code.



TheSchool Board is permitted by state law to adopt dress codes mandating the use of school uniforms. The purpose of the School Uniform Dress Code shall be to provide additional opportunities for increased school safety; to encourage students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging; to encourage an improvement in student behavior; and to encourage a high level of program participation.


ü Solid color: Navy blue or white

ü Polo: (golf-boxed, hemmed) two, three, or four buttons at the top front with collar (short or long sleeve)

ü Oxford/dress shirt (short or long sleeves)

ü **Elementary students shall be encouraged to tuck in shirts.

ü **Middle/junior/high school students shall be required to tuck in shirts.

ü Designs,emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited

ü Under-shirts and t-shirts, if worn, must be white in color and can only be worn underneath the standard uniform


ü Solid color: Khaki

ü Style must be cotton twill or cotton blend (no jean style or material)-No rivets

ü No sewn on outside pockets or flaps; cargo pants are prohibited

ü **Elementary students may have elastic waist pants with or without belt loops (belts are optional, but encouraged)

ü **Middle/junior/high school students’ pants must have belt loops and mandatory belt

ü Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited

ü Zip fly only


ü Solid color: Khaki

ü Styles must be cotton twill or cotton blend (no jean style/material)

ü Designs, emblems,insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited

ü Uniform shirts must be worn under jumpers

ü Length: Top of knee or longer


ü Must be worn at waistline

ü Length: Top of knee or longer

ü Can be pleated, flat, or A-line

ü Cargo style pockets on any garment are prohibited.

Shorts :

ü Must be worn at the waistline

ü Length: Top of knee to four (4) inches above knee (length cannot be below the knees) (length can be cuffed or not cuffed)

ü Can be pleated or flatfront


ü If skorts have belt loops, a belt must be worn

ü Must be worn at the waistline

ü Length: Top of knee to four (4) inches above knee (length cannot be below the knees) (length can be cuffed or not cuffed)

ü Can be pleated, flat, or A-line


ü Straight legs

ü No elastic or gathered at the ankles. No slits in pants legs.

ü Must be hemmed and length not to exceed top of shoe (hem can be cuffed)

ü No pockets on lower legs.

ü Must be worn at waistline

ü Cropped, stirrup, parachute, wind, stretch/warm‑up, Capri, and jeanstyle pants are prohibited

ü Can be pleated or flatfront


ü Solid color and solid material: Black, navy blue, khaki or brown

ü Elementary students shall be encouraged to wear belts

ü Middle/junior/high students – belts are mandatory when wearing slacks,shorts

ü Belt buckles must be plain; standard buckle

ü Appropriate length for waist size

ü Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms, logos, holes, studs etc. are prohibited


ü Solid color: White, navy blue or skin tone

ü Socks, hose or tights must be worn with shoes


ü Solid color: White, navy blue or khaki (must be matching pair)

ü Mandatory wear

ü Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited

ü Mustbe visible and no higher than the knee


ü Shoes may tie, buckle or velcro

ü Closed‑toe and closed‑heel shoe mandatory (tennis shoes, dress shoes,casual shoes or slip‑on shoes)

ü Shoes shall be properly tied, if applicable

ü Boots may be worn with pants only

Pullovers of Any Kind (sweaters, sweatshirts, vests; any garment which is pulled over the head which does not snap, button or zip from top to bottom):

ü Solid color: Navy blue or white

ü Pullover v‑neck or pullover crew (hoods are prohibited)

ü Must be worn over uniform shirt

ü Turtlenecks are prohibited

ü Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited


ü Coat/jacket/sweater may be worn as long as the uniform shirt collar is revealed under the coat/jacket/sweater (TRENCHCOATS are prohibited)

ü Vests/jackets/sweaters/coats that zip/button/snap from top to bottom may be any color and with hood

By purchasing from an approved vendor, parents will be certain the uniform will be in compliance. The acceptable color is the traditional khaki. The lighter stone color is not acceptable. The dark chocolate brown color and the dark green color are also not acceptable. If there is any doubt about a purchase regarding style and/or color, check with your school or visit an approved vendor.


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Student Compliance With the Uniform Dress Code:

The School Uniform Dress Code of Livingston Parish shall strive to achieve full compliance through use of incentives and positive reinforcement measures, and will resort to disciplinary action only when positive measures fail to ensure compliance. In addition, the policy's rationale and benefits of the School Uniform Dress Code will be explained and fully understood by the student and his or her family.

The intent of this policy is not to inhibit or prohibit any student who is not in uniform from receiving the education to which he or she is entitled. Also, the intent of this policy is not to suspend or expel a student from class or from school, or lower an academic grade as a result of not complying with the SchoolUniform Dress Code. However, non‑compliance shall result in progressive disciplinary action being taken with the student.

No student shall be considered in violation of the School Uniform Dress Code in the following instances:

  1. When administrators allow exceptions to the uniform code for special events. (Ex. Dress‑up day, athletes on game days, academic teams, clubs, picture day, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on regular meeting days, etc.)
  2. During the first ten (10) school days after transferring from out of the Parish to Livingston Parish Schools. During this ten (10) day period, appropriate dress (according to School Board Policy) shall be followed.
  3. When a student is on campus outside of normal school hours.
  4. When a student has been authorized by the school principal to wear a school activity uniform such as those worn by members of the cheerleading squad, dance team, band or athletic teams

Progressive Disciplinary Action:

Students violating the School Uniform Dress Code shall be disciplined as follows:

  • 1st offense = Parent/Guardian Contact
  • 2nd offense = Administrator/Parent, Verbal Contact
  • 3rd offense = Detention
  • 4th offense and subsequent = One (1) day out of school suspension for each offense

Annual Evaluation:

All schools shall submit to the Superintendent an annual evaluation of the School Uniform Dress Code no later than February 1st of each year.


All secondary students and other students where required by the local school, shall be required to dress out for physical education classes in a standard uniform. Exceptions can be made for religious reasons only, as hereinafter stated.

The standard uniform for physical education classes shall be as follows:


1.Plain tee shirt - school may require white or school colors.

2.Gym shorts - school may require white or school colors.

3.Gym shoes - any color.

4.Socks - predominantly white (any color top).


1.Schools may require either one or two piece uniforms in either white or school colors.

2.If a two-piece uniform is required, it shall meet the same standards as boys'uniform.

3.Gym shoes - any color.

4.Socks - predominantly white (any color top).

Schools may sell uniforms to students as a service, but students shall not be required to buy uniforms from the school. Students shall not be required to purchase new uniforms each year if their present uniforms are in acceptable condition and fit properly.

Students transferring from one school to another shall be permitted to use their present gym suits or other suitable uniforms for a reasonable period of time, until anappropriate uniform can be purchased.

Students shall be required to put their names on their uniforms for identification.

Proper dress in physical education class shall be a factor in determining a student's grade.

A student shall be allowed to dress for physical education class in accordance with his/her religious beliefs, provided that he or she has a written permission or excuse from his/her minister. Should physical education activities of the girls involve indecent exposure, the student shall be allowed to do alternative activities.

Revised:June, 2001

Revised:June, 2003

Ref: Scott v. Board of Education,304 N.Y.S. 2d 601 (1969); Darr v. Schmidt, 460 F.2d 609 (1972); La. Rev.Stat. Ann. '17:416.7;Board minutes, 10-8-69, 10-29-70, 2-3-71, 8-24-72, 9-7-72, 9-21-72, 9-26-74,9-77, 1-80, 5-89, 8-90, 2-3-00, 4-5-01, 4-17-03.


Notice of Discrimination

The Livingston Parish School Board does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, disability or gender in its educational programs and activities (including employment and application for employment), and it is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender by Title IX (20 USC 168) and on the basis of disability by Section 504 (42 USC 794). The Title IX Coordinator is Stephen Parrill

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