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As a member of an Office of Group Benefits (OGB) plan, you have access to  exceptional health and wellness resources. The Office of Group Benefits is committed to offering benefits and programs that help you and your family preserve and improve your quality of life everyday.  

Insurance 2022 Plan Year Open Enrollment-Deadline to have all forms to insurance is November 12, 2021


  •  You may enroll in the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) program if you are a full-time employee currently working a full semester or more.

  • New Employees:
    Health coverage becomes effective 30 days after the 1st of the following month. (i.e. If your hire date is August seventh, your insurance will not be effective until October first.)

  • Late Applicants:
    I f you have a qualifying event sign up by the 14th of any month and Insurance is effective the following month. Insurance premiums are deducted from your paycheck the prior month of the effective date.  Legal documentation is required for all qualifying event.  You have 30 days from the qualifying event date to make changes to your policy.

For Retirees

To be eligible for retiree coverage, your coverage must be in effect immediately prior to your retirement. For those beginning participation or rejoining on or after January 1, 2002, the state subsidy of your premium is based on the number of years you have participated in a Group Benefits health plan prior to your retirement. This also applies to surviving dependents who begin coverage after July 1, 2002.

The Participation Schedule below is the timeline showing the number of years you must participate in an OGB health plan to receive a specific premium subsidy from the state.

Years of Participation  Percentage of State Subsidy
Less than 10 years 19%
10 years or more, but less than 15 years 38%
15 years or more, but less than 20 years 56%
20 years or more 75%

When you retire you may keep the health insurance through OGB. As a courtesy to the retiree, TRSL and LSERS will deduct your Health & State offered Life Insurance from your retirement check; however, it takes several months for this to occur. In the mean-time, you will pay LPPS until you see the insurance deduction from your retirement.

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Available Health Plans

Available Insurance Plans



  • We have open enrollment for health insurance in October. You are allowed to change carriers during this time only.

  • Marriage: Plan member must complete an enrollment/change form to add new spouse to the policy within 30 days of the marriage. A marriage license is required.


  • Newborns: Plan member must complete an enrollment/change form within 30 days from date of birth. A temporary birth certificate is required at this time.  ACA regulations require the employer to maintain social security numbers on all active members and dependents.  Please fax or email a copy of the social security card once received.


  • Cancellation of Coverage: an enrollment/change form must be completed and legal documentation is required.


  • Please notify Jordan Reid of an physical address changes.  Notifications should be submitted in writing and must include employee ID # as well as social security number.


Contact Information

Contact Jordan Reid to schedule an appointment to enroll or make changes to your policy.  
Walk ins may not be seen.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (225) 686-4230
Fax: (225) 686-4363

First Financial Group of America for
all supplemental benefits other than health insurance
 can be reached at (
866) 541-5096

Office of Group Benefits customer service can be reached at (800) 272-8451.

*Open enrollment for all plans other than Health Insurance is done in December. Changes will be effective in January.